The Indian Ocean Tsunami


The Indian Ocean tsunami was a very dangerous disaster that affected eighteen countries. I chose this disaster because the tsunami took place on December 26, 2004, the day after Christmas. One of the eighteen countries affected was Indonesia. It has a tropical climate with a temperature of 78-83 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. Indonesia’s major five islands are; Sumatra, Java, Sulawes, Kalimantan, and Irian Jaya. There are more than 300, mostly extinct, volcanos throughout the 17,508 total islands. Indonesia has a population of about 250 million people and more than half of them live in Java. What nobody knew was that a horrible event was going to destroy their city in just hours.

After the tsunami, there were short term and long term effects. One of the short term effects was that people around the world wanted to help people injured after the tsunami. People everywhere donated money to help the victims. People did not have the resources that they needed to have after the tsunami. People were without water for 6 months. A long term effect was that the mangroves and reefs that served as a natural barrier were damaged severely. Since then people have have been protecting mangroves and replanting the vegetation. Many things were damaged, but things are slowly returning to normal.

There was a lot of damage after the tsunami too. President Bush stepped in to help. Bush seemed 950 million on Feb. 9, 2005 for the rehabilitation of the areas affected. People living in neighborhoods affected helped their neighbors after the tsunami. About 91% of the people interviewed about the tsunami said that they were rescued by private individuals. The U.S. raised 14 billion internationally and it was used to rebuild the countries. People were very willing to help others after this disaster.

Around the area affected, people had emergency plans for a tsunami. The plan for this disaster was to get to higher ground, one of the volcanos, or to get further inland. Even though there were emergency plans, people still had no time to get to safety. The wave just came to fast and the sirens came so late that nobody had time to get away. After the tsunami teachers were taught about the signs of a tsunami. If there is a strong earthquake that lasts 20 sec+, that means that there could be a tsunami on the way. Don’t let this happen to you, be prepared.

The Indian Ocean Tsunami was a very dangerous disaster that left many people dead and thousands of homes destroyed. If this were to happen again in the future, I think that people would be more ready. In present day people know more about tsunamis and what causes them, including how long an earthquake has to last to create a tsunami. A tsunami is now detected by buoys out in the ocean that can send signals through an under water wire. People are going to be better prepared with this new warning system.

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  1. Morgan,
    I enjoyed reading your research on the tsunami that happened after Christmas in 2004. I remember hearing about the disaster on the news. Many people form the U.S. were vacationing there when the tsunami happened.

    Your post was informative. I hope you keep blogging.

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