Should People Have The Right?

Should people have the right to rescue services if they put them selves in danger? People shouldn’t have the right to rescue services for these reasons.

In the second article called “Why Everest”,  it states, ” Sherpa guides know where to put ropes and the paths climbers should take.” If the Sherpas know what to do and where to put things then why would so many people die if they have the guidance of experts.

In the third article called “Ranger Killed During Rescue of Claimers on Mount Rainer”, it states, “Nick Hall… fell 3,700 ft to his death,” If people put themselves in danger, they could put people like Nick in danger too. Why should people rescue others if  more people are put in danger.

In the second article called “Why Everest”,  it states, “Everyone is aware of the risks.” If people know that the trip up the mountain is dangerous, then they would be the ones responsible for themselves and the people traveling with them.

Some people believe that people should have the right to rescue services because there is better equipment to rescue people who get trapped on mountains, including; lighter helicopters that can travel higher into the atmosphere. Evan though that is what others believe, I believe that people shouldn’t have the right to rescue services.

My Poems








Superman flew high,

high in the sky

high like a bird



Marvelous at Language Arts



Runs Hard

Outstanding Teacher

Bearded One

Encouraging Leader

Reliable Person

Teacher at BMS



Never Lets You Down




Siblings can be rats,

I guess that’s why people call them brats

They kick and punch

And laugh a bunch

Thats why they are compared to cats


Free Verse

There are a lot of superheros

from superman to everyday

from celebrities  to atheletes

and mythological creatures


There are many kinds of superheros

from family to friends

from religious to your teacher

and your mentors and coach


There are so many heroes in the world

that we may not even think about

when we say the word

Heros are everywhere

And there when you need then

Just like your family who are the perfect Heroes in the world

The Indian Ocean Tsunami


The Indian Ocean tsunami was a very dangerous disaster that affected eighteen countries. I chose this disaster because the tsunami took place on December 26, 2004, the day after Christmas. One of the eighteen countries affected was Indonesia. It has a tropical climate with a temperature of 78-83 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. Indonesia’s major five islands are; Sumatra, Java, Sulawes, Kalimantan, and Irian Jaya. There are more than 300, mostly extinct, volcanos throughout the 17,508 total islands. Indonesia has a population of about 250 million people and more than half of them live in Java. What nobody knew was that a horrible event was going to destroy their city in just hours.

After the tsunami, there were short term and long term effects. One of the short term effects was that people around the world wanted to help people injured after the tsunami. People everywhere donated money to help the victims. People did not have the resources that they needed to have after the tsunami. People were without water for 6 months. A long term effect was that the mangroves and reefs that served as a natural barrier were damaged severely. Since then people have have been protecting mangroves and replanting the vegetation. Many things were damaged, but things are slowly returning to normal.

There was a lot of damage after the tsunami too. President Bush stepped in to help. Bush seemed 950 million on Feb. 9, 2005 for the rehabilitation of the areas affected. People living in neighborhoods affected helped their neighbors after the tsunami. About 91% of the people interviewed about the tsunami said that they were rescued by private individuals. The U.S. raised 14 billion internationally and it was used to rebuild the countries. People were very willing to help others after this disaster.

Around the area affected, people had emergency plans for a tsunami. The plan for this disaster was to get to higher ground, one of the volcanos, or to get further inland. Even though there were emergency plans, people still had no time to get to safety. The wave just came to fast and the sirens came so late that nobody had time to get away. After the tsunami teachers were taught about the signs of a tsunami. If there is a strong earthquake that lasts 20 sec+, that means that there could be a tsunami on the way. Don’t let this happen to you, be prepared.

The Indian Ocean Tsunami was a very dangerous disaster that left many people dead and thousands of homes destroyed. If this were to happen again in the future, I think that people would be more ready. In present day people know more about tsunamis and what causes them, including how long an earthquake has to last to create a tsunami. A tsunami is now detected by buoys out in the ocean that can send signals through an under water wire. People are going to be better prepared with this new warning system.


Ichabod wakes up from a splash in the face, and finds himself floating in a river. All he remembers is getting hit in the head with a flaming pumpkin and seeing Brom emerge from the body of The Horseman right before he falls in the water. I all fit to Ichabod, Brom had probably wanted him dead after he danced with Katrina. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder and someone breathing down his neck. He turned around and there, right behind him was The Headless Horseman and his horse. Ichabod tried to tell the horseman everything and even though the headless horseman did not have ears he had already known about Brom’s plan to kill Ichabod and get him away from Katrina.

The Headless Horseman took Ichabod to Brom’s home just 2 years later, after he had learned witchcraft, and noticed that Brom and Katrina had one child that they had named Vincent, but all Ichabod thought was that he was going to take the child, raise him as his own and make Brom and Katrina suffer.

Ichabod broke into their house during the night and accidentally woke everyone up from their slumber and knocked the entire family out and took the child.

Brom and Katrina Woke up 2 days later and the town was quiet.     “VINCENT!” They both yelled, trying to find their beloved son. Soon they found out that one of their neighbors had seen Ichabod riding on the Horseman’s horse with the knocked out child on his lap. They cried and cried for their son to come home.
As the child grew, Ichabod began teaching him witchcraft.
“Father,” the boy said one day. ” where is my mother?”
Ichabod thought that this was an absurd question and did not know what to say to the boy. Ichabod thought that it was time that he had told the boy the truth about his parents.
“I am not your father Vincent, your parents are dead. They died in a car crash just 2 years ago, but I was the only one to volunteer to take you home and raise you as my own.”

The boy started to cry,” But, but, but why would you lie to me, about my parents about me!?” Vincent says angrily still crying.
Back in sleepy hollow, 4 years later, Brom and Katrina have been looking for their child and have been so desperate to that they put up posters for him and opened a shop hoping that someone would know where their child was. So far nobody has seen him. In 3 more days was the anniversary of the child being gone, or as Ichabod said, his birthday. Vincent didn’t know that this was a lie, and had only just found out that Ichabod is his “father”. The had always wanted to go down to the village where his parents used to live, so Ichabod told Vincent that he could go to the village and buy a treat for his birthday. The next morning, the boy left.

Vincent was walking around and saw a restaurant and saw posters everywhere. It was about a missing child. It said:
Please help us find our son, he has big blue eyes and his name is Vincent. If you see him please come into the restaurant and tell one of the managers. Please help us and God bless.
Vincent was shocked and went into the restaurant. He walked in and yelled, “I need to speak to a manager.”

The managers came out thinking that he had found their son. Brom and Katrina stopped right in front of them and stared. He felt a connection. “Today is my birthday,” the boy said.
Brom and Katrina looked at him with a surprised face. “Today is the day that our son Vincent was taken by that awful Ichabod Crane.” They began to cry.
“M…my name is Vincent and my father, Ichabod, adopted me when my parents died in a car crash so they are dead and I don’t have parents.What they said next shocked Vincent. “There has never been a car crash in sleepy hollow, only attacks by ghosts.” Brom and Katrina said confused.
“Are YOU my mom and dad?!”
“Welcome home!”

Vincent ran back to the home that Ichabod had raised him in to gather his things to go back to the village and live with Brom and Katrina. When he arrived, Ichabod asked him, “Where is the treat?” Vincent had totally forgot! So he replied, “they had nothing that I liked.” Ichabod became suspicious.
“Why is he packing his things? Why is he so happy? Why would he forget?” Ichabod thought to himself.
Then Vincent said, “Oh dad I forgot, there was something I liked, but I didn’t have enough money to buy it.” Ichabod gave the boy more money and as soon as Vincent left with his suitcase, Ichabod followed. Vincent had met his parents and was going to go live with them. They took they boy home and loved him and would never let him go again, but months later Ichabod knocked out the entire family just because Vincent had left him. Ichabod then lit the house viciously on fire killing Brom’s family inside. Ichabod and Brom’s family were never seen again.